Uri Harel
Founder and Director,
Center for Biblical Hebrew
Music from God Project

Uri Harel has always been committed to discovery and teaching. Born in Haifa, Israel, Uri attended college in Buffalo, New York, where he graduated with a degree in education. After moving to Phoenix, Arizona in 1977, he began what would become a life-long passion to explore and share with others the unique beauty of the Hebrew language.

Over the past 25 years, Uri has spoken, taught, and lectured in both the private and public sectors. His unique approach to teaching has earned him the respect of both his students and peers. In 1995, Uri founded the Center for Biblical Hebrew in response to the growing public demand to know more about the original text of the Bible, and the Hebrew language in which it was written. Through the programs offered by the Center, people from all backgrounds and religious denominations have been able to explore this intriguing and powerful information in an open, informal and non-critical environment.

Research is a critical element in the work of the Center for Biblical Hebrew. During the past eight years, Uri has devoted his energies to exploring ancient Hebrew traditions about the mysteries of the Hebrew letters and the powers attributed to them. He has since put that research to work, and begun what promises to be a monumental undertaking: ‘translating’ the Hebrew letters of the biblical text into their equivalent musical tones.

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